Who actually has the fastest data network?

Lately, the big four mobile service providers have been bending over backwards to outgun one other (or at least outmarket...) over mobile data speeds. But who actually has the fastest network? More importantly, who has the fastest network in your city? The viz below uses crowdsourced data from Rootmetrics to determine actual data speeds for every carrier in 17 major cities. Click on your city to find out for yourself!

As you can see, Verizon is not exaggerating when they say they have the fastest network in the nation. However, perennial market tag-along (and AT&T merger target) T-Mobile puts in a surprisingly strong showing in some key cities, even leading in New York and garnering 2nd place in San Francisco.

It just goes to show, Average's can be used an abused in many ways. When you think about your next network, make sure the service in your city is up to par first!

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