Nothing Stone Age about Schoolzilla

One of the things we often hear from our customers is how Tableau makes it quick and easy for people throughout their organization to access and learn from data like never before. Tableau customer Aspire Public Schools, a non-profit charter schools management organization, launched a new pilot program called Schoolzilla that aims to do just that – let any California school superintendent, teacher or other educator access and interact with its data.

Schoolzilla was designed to empower educators in their efforts to drive student achievement by providing easy-to-use and easy-to-share data reports. The free tool will allow educators to upload, view, share and create customized reports on school and student performance results. The reports created thus far for Schoolzilla are based on Tableau visualizations and analysis from across the Aspire educator community.

Aspire says it hopes to foster a community of educators collaborating on the best ways to visualize school and student level data by creating and sharing Tableau reports. They’ve seen first-hand in their 34 schools the transformative power of using data to inform instruction and increase student achievement.

Thanks, Aspire, for choosing Tableau for Schoolzilla and we look forward to helping your educators and students achieve more!

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