Hear Howard Dresner's Insights on Mobile BI at TCC2011

There is no doubt that the revolution in mobile technology is going to change the business intelligence industry... but how will it affect your BI strategy? There is no better person to answer that question than Howard Dresner, former Gartner Fellow and Founder and Chief Research Officer of Dresner Advisory Services.

Dresner, a self confessed "technology junkie", doesn't simply look out for the next new thing: he discovers its relevance to business intelligence. In his 25 years as an industry analyst and thought leader, he has thoroughly tested and reviewed every new development in BI. This research, and Howards insightful opinions, have helped shepherd the industry away from an IT focused research silo to speed-of-though analytics for everyone in the organization.

This same passion for rapid analytics for everyone has been the main impetus for the continued development of Tableau, especially Tableau Mobile, just released in version 6.1. Many customers have already downloaded the free app for the iPad and hooked it up to their Tableau Server. The app (and the server behind it) are two of the most powerful tools in the business intelligence industry. Dresner's talk is focused on how to further leverage mobile technology, and create a comprehensive strategy to take advantage of these new and exciting tools.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the 2011 Tableau Customer Conference today, and take home a strategy to fully leverage the power of your Tableau Mobile deployment.

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