On Wednesday, we had a company showdown. Twenty teams of two raced paddleboards for prizes and office bragging rights. Who took home the glory?

Naturally, being a data analyst, I vizzed the results. Will Robins and Kyle Parker from Sales took home the gold, edging out Louis Archer and Jake Little from Marketing.

Here are a few highlights from the day, including the race for first place.

Congrats to all the racers! Can't wait til next year.


Come on guys, there's no real story here. We'd expect sales to win b/c it had more teams competing than any other dept. And we'd expect a dep't with the second most number of teams in the contest to win. And that happened too. Marketing came in second and is one of several dept's with 3 teams.

Now if one of the dept's with fewer than 4 teams won that'd be a potential story about an underdog or a team with a ringer.

Perhaps there's a story about the second place finisher and maybe another dept with 3 teams was a favorite? We'd need more data to parse that out.

Perhaps you can make the viz to show that the reason sales might have won it b/c it had 1.25x to 4x as many chances to win compared to the other dept's. That of all the dept's Sales had 4 teams, giving it 1.25x as many opptys to win than the many dept's with 3 teams and 4x as many opptys to win than the dept's w/ just one team.

Bruce Segal

Thanks for your thoughts Bruce. Would love to see an example of what you've got in mind. Cheers, Lori

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