Dallas, and the 6.1 Finish Line

From London to Sydney, New York, San Francisco and every other city in between, it's been quite the ride showcasing the 6.1 update. We've seen excitement, utter jubilation and even hyperbolic compliments (which we love). Unfortunately, all good things do come to end--for now.

Although 6.1 has been out for a couple of weeks, not everyone has had the chance to experience it. And so we ended our user group tour yesterday in Dallas, with just as much excitement--if not more--than when we started. More than 50 users showed up for a live demonstration, to network with others and free t-shirts.

Our Deepak Ghodke wowed the group with new 6.1 features. More than half of the crowd used Tableau Server, and for them to see the mobile app in action was a huge delight. Others were blown away at how quickly Deepak built views with big data, created a dashboard and then interacted with it on his iPad.

Many users downloaded the iPad app right then and there.

Needless to say, mobile Tableau dashboards were the star of the show, though it should be no surprise that incremental extracts was a huge hit.

Also, congratulations to Manuel Vargas of UPS, who also gets the honor of being our final iPad winner!

"I can't believe I won, I just told someone I never win these things, this is awesome!" he said. Good things come to those who wait.

A big thank you to our partner Teknion for hosting the event. It's been a long road and while we're sad to see it end, there's a lot more ahead of us!

We hope to see everyone again in Las Vegas at the Tableau Customer Conference.

And then, there's a little something called Tableau 7.0...

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