AOL Search’s Swiss Army knife for business intelligence

What would YOU do with data generated from 30 million daily queries? Use it, of course.

The path from data deluge to date insight isn’t always easy. But for data-driven business unit AOL Search, a global department within AOL, it’s the only way to do business. Digging into search data, including channels such as Huffington Post, is mandatory to find great opportunities to propel the business.

Brett Cohen, Senior Search Business Intelligence Analyst, and his team turn to Tableau to tackle their toughest business intelligence projects and reports. Why? Speed and ease-of-use stand out, but more exciting is the ability to empower stakeholders to discover trends and insights they’ve never seen before. “The thrill,” Brett explains, “is spending more time analyzing versus building.”

Join Brett in his session, “Why Tableau is our Swiss Army Knife for Business Intelligence,” at the Tableau Customer Conference coming up October 17-20 in Las Vegas. Find out how AOL Search is creating dashboards and reports that are being used to get near real-time insights and make daily decisions. How can you find new ways to use your stockpiles of data to become a mainstay in how you get insight? Come meet Brett and check it out.

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