All the #tableaumobile News Fit to Tweet

Thanks for playing the #tableaumobile T-shirt giveaway game. Here's a recap.

The T-shirt giveaway is over, but we're still excited that so many countries are getting on board and downloading the new iPad app. We had winners from 10 different countries! Our mission is to get data to the places where people need it. We can't wait to hear what the new mobile app lets you accomplish.

We've been enjoying the #tableaumobile tweets. We noticed a fair number of mobile tweets off the hashtag as well. Naturally, we had to viz those too.

Use the filter on top right to view just the #tableaumobile tagged tweets.

If you didn't get in on the #tableaumobile T-shirt giveaway, here's what you missed out on (modeled by our very own Dan Hom).

Congrats again to all our T-shirt winners. If you won, please be sure to send us a message at with your name, twitter handle, and address. We're looking forward to spreading the #tableaumobile love around the world!

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