Tableau goes down under

One thing we're stressing in 6.1 is the globalization of Tableau, and what better way to do that than to present some new options at our Melbourne user group in Australia.

We had a great turnout of nearly 30 people at the Victoria University city campus, with attendees excited about the new features in Tableau. Even some of the seemingly small upgrades--like the ability to upgrade all data extracts at once--really hit home with our customers.

We've also long heard questions asking if it was possible to geocode data with metrics outside of the US. We were happy to present some of those options with our expanded geocoding options. So now, our Australian friends can geocode by their own postcodes, provinces or as you can see below, major metropolitan cities.

Lots of our users were getting requests for iPad support from their management teams, and so we're very happy to be able to provide that functionality with our 6.1 release.

We're not done in Australia yet, stay tuned for our user group from Sydney.

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