Tableau: "Better than Comic-Con!"

A major event just concluded in sunny San Diego; one filled with packed crowds, new upcoming features, iPads and excited fans screaming "Hallelujah!" And we're not kidding about the Comic-Con quote; someone did say it.

We're talking--of course--about our San Diego 6.1 user group! More than 40 attendees showed up at San Diego State University. The best part is, about two-thirds of those who came are new users who weren't around for Tableau 6.0! We love seeing new faces, and they came armed with questions and an aura of excitement.

User group leader Matt Shoemaker kicked off the meeting while Mike Roberts from Bridgepoint Education presented a great session on best practices for creating great dashboards.

Then it was on to us to show everyone what 6.1 is all about. What were they most ecstatic to hear about? Incremental extracts (surprise!), the ability to view your data anywhere and dashboard URLs. Someone even cheered over the improved copy-and-paste your data functionality.

The crowd gathered for a time to relax and network in the warm outdoors following the presentation.

And of course, congratulations to Susan Bruinzeel from the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau on a brand new iPad!

We got lots of questions about where Tableau is headed, but we also got encouraging messages about how far we've come:

“Awesome product! How are you going to possibly make it better with 7.0?” someone asked.

We're not sure ourselves, but we will. We will.

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