Success Starts at Home

Following on the heels of our international user group launch, we kicked off our 6.1 user group tour right here at home in Seattle.

About 70 Tableau enthusiasts attended to hear about upcoming features in 6.1, many of which drew "oooh," "aahhh" and our favorite, "yay!"

User group leader Vic Bloomfield of T-Mobile kicked off the event, encouraging users to always ask questions, submit feedback and learn from each other.

Our own Francois Ajenstat then gave our demonstration of 6.1's major improvements, including new map, data and authoring features. He also demoed the anticipated mobile app, which led to one of the event highlights: a free iPad! Congratulations to our winner Anh Than of Cobalt.

And of course, what user group kickoff would be complete without time to network with other users over cocktails and snacks?

Thanks to all who came out. For those cities we haven't gotten to yet, a taste of what's to come.

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