Data in the Windy City

If there's one thing that's obvious as we enter the final legs of our 6.1 user group tour, it's that our users love some of the small but immensely time-saving improvements we're making to Tableau. If there's two things, the second would be everyone wants an iPad.

Our first stop in Chicagoland was Chicago itself at DePaul University, where almost 60 users came to see Tableau 6.1. Rina Bongsu-Petersen from DePaul kicked off the presentation which was filled with questions about the iPad app, server connections, the iPad app, future Tableau developments and you guessed it, the iPad app.

As we alluded to before, it was the small things that hit home with this crowd: incremental extracts and complete data refreshes were a relief to hear, especially since this means no more clicking on a data connection, refreshing it, and then waiting around before being able to refreshing the next one.

We ended with food, drinks and a time to relax and network.

Finally, congratulations to Chris Kersten from OptionsHouse who was the envy of the afternoon after walking away with a brand new iPad.

We'd be pretty happy too!

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