Braving the Heat for Data in St. Louis

Sometimes in our Seattle home, it's hard to remember that for most of the country summer means weather above 80 degrees. In St. Louis, it was nearly 100 degrees! And yet, we still had 50 Tableau users show up for our 3rd user group there. Dedication.

Lynn Kersting (right) of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital kicked off the meeting, our third for St. Louis. Here's the lively crowd networking before the event began.

Technology is moving fast, and for the Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the idea of using tablet computers in the hospital environnment for clincal scenarios is not too far off. Naturally, for them, the addition of mobile support was a huge plus.

For us, the mobile space is a major focus, especially as data analysis and visualization on the go become more crucial to understanding data and making decisions. We're continuing to develop for and optimize the mobile experience for users like our friends in St. Louis.

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