Boston Loves the Maps

We really like it when users ask us questions and give us feedback on features they'd like to see. At Boston, we had nearly 30 users turn out for the user group, and they were armed with questions about mapping, new extract features, and of course, the iPad app.

Cris Bjelajac (above) kicked off the user group with a great "Tableau is..." tag.

The recent advancements in touch screens have changed the way we interact with what we look at. Simply by using your finger, you could interact with a map, pan to a location you wanted to see or zoom in with a simple gesture.

Doing the same thing in Tableau hasn't been as easy. At least, not until now. To the delight of our users in Boston, we've improved map control with new zoom and pan options. With 6.1, you'll just click and drag on a map to pan!

Users also appreciated how easy it is to refresh extracts now, even if you want to refresh all of them. People said it would make their analysis just that much easier.

We're beginning to wrap up the East Coast leg of our user group tour, but we'll definitely be back. How could we not, with such an amazing views from our user group locations?

And here's one more "Tableau is..." favorite.

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