In Atlanta, Friends Let Friends Use Tableau

Our Atlanta users were some of the most excited to see 6.1. So excited that we caught almost two dozen people trying to snag an extra iPad raffle ticket. Sneaky, but we like their style.

The great folks at Norfolk Southern, lead by John Hoover, held and kicked off the presentation to one of our most long standing and avid user groups. The place was packed, with our users even bringing friends and coworkers to see the newest release.

Our own Matt McWhorter kicked off the rousing 6.1 demo to incredible excitement, especially for data appending and our expanded "user love" features.

"I've been waiting for that!" someone said.

We're also starting to see even more creativity with nametags. Don't know if this one can top our favorite "Tableau is a stealth bomber," but Atlanta's sure were interesting:

not pictured: "my new boyfriend."

While not directly related to 6.1, our upcoming Customer Conference in Vegas is getting some attention. We'd love to see our users there, and if you need convincing:

"It was the best conference I've ever been to!" is what one Atlanta user had to say about last year's.

Also, congratulations to Paul Lisborg who won the iPad (without any extra tickets). He said he plans to see us again in Vegas, and we hope that's true for all our users! It's coming up, go register!

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