Can Data Ever Be Fast & Fresh Enough? We Think Not.

Which is why the Tableau development team is almost compulsively obsessed with making big data analysis faster and better. They’re like mad scientists who instead of building a Frankenstein, make life easier for customers.

The fact is, data’s only getting larger, so we need to innovate fast to deliver continuous improvement. We’ve done that over the last several releases, most notably with the fast in-memory Data Engine released with Tableau 6.0. In Tableau 6.1, you’ll see several significant improvements:

  • Now you can incrementally update your extracts with a few clicks. This means that you can work with fresh data faster, without having to rebuild the whole extract. You can also append data to an extract. Here’s how:

    With these new ways to keep your data fresh, you need to be able to track its latest update. View extract history by date of update and number of records added. (Watch the video to see how easy this is.)

  • Another time-saving improvement in 6.1 is the ability to update all the extracts in a workbook at once.
  • There are also a number of performance improvements making working with data easier.
  • There area a handful of improvements for Teradata users, who work with some of the world's largest data sets.

Check back in mid-July to learn about all the 6.1 features and to get the fresh release. And Tableau is making stops at our User Groups across the globe to give customers a first-hand look at 6.1. Find one near you!.

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