Big Data & Reports at “Revolutionary Speed” for Oxford University

How will you glean insight from the high velocity and volume of data coming at you today? One answer, according to Andy Cotgreave of Oxford University, is to use Tableau to “revolutionize the speed” of exploring data.

Andy joins James Kaplan of McKinsey and Steve Prentice of Gartner on this first-in-a-series podcast about Big Data hosted by (Financial Times). Making fact-based decisions is high on the priority list for executives, but getting to this information can be daunting in light of the tremendous amount of data available today. One secret to finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack” insight starts with a good hypotheses. However, agile tools that business users can use to dig into that data to test the hypotheses, develop new ones and generate insight is also essential.

Find out more about Big Data and the value Tableau provides as a powerful, affordable solution to digging into data and revealing the power of your information.

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