Tableau Customers Like Heineken

Big news out of the European Conference last night: Tableau customers like Heineken. Partners also seem to like Heineken. Finally, eyewitnesses say Tableau employees quite enjoy Heineken as well.

After the first day of the first Tableau Customer Conference in Europe, the entire conference moved via canal boats to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. A bar serving Heineken greeted the analytical celebrants as they entered. A short tour was followed by some food in a room filled with copper beermaking equipment.

Here the party rested, making good use of the Heineken bar that was the centerpiece of the arrangement.

Then they continued on through a historical exhibit on the Heineken family, past the Heineken horses which are still stabled there,* past another bar, and into an interactive exhibit in which all conference attendees were brewed into beer.

A tasting room provided refreshment as well as guidance on the best way to drink beer. Finally, the conference-goers filed past examples of Heineken marketing over the years and finally into the pub, which of course had one final bar.

Back on the canal boats, and onto conference day 2!

*Tableau trivia: did you know that before the Internet, copies of Tableau were delivered via horse and buggy? Like the Heineken family, we keep the horses in a stable at our headquarters even to this day.

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