Simon Rogers of Guardian Datablog To Speak at Tableau Conference in Amsterdam

Here at Tableau we try not to get swept up in the glamorous lifestyle of data visualization. Groundbreaking PhDs, new ways of looking at data, gorgeously crafted color palettes-- we try to take it all in stride.

But data, like any field, has its celebrities. That’s why we’re all giggly at the prospect of Simon Rogers of Guardian Datablog fame keynoting our customer conference in Amsterdam on May 10.

Why is Simon different? Because he leads an institution that has been critical at bringing the power and the pitfalls of data into the public eye. The Datablog did the first visual analysis of the wikileaks war logs. The team there blogs on subjects ranging from the Royal Wedding to much more sober topics like income inequality. The Datablog has led in showing a wide audience that yes, data can really tell stories, and those stories are important to our lives today.

“Fact are sacred,” says the tagline of the Datablog. And like any true journalist, Simon is out to get the truth. He just gets there by knowing which numbers to trust, and how to make them talk.

Simon’s keynote will be May 10th at 1615. Register now to join the conference and his keynote.

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