Tableau + You (as a Product Marketer) = Company Success

You probably already know that it’s not enough to think Tableau is FANTASTIC in order to get everyone around you using it. Convincing your peers, executives and colleagues-at-large to clamor for more is what you want to accomplish, but how do you get there? Get them to listen? Make them care?

Nokia’s Lee Feinberg knows how: become a Product Marketer. Regardless of the title on your business card, when you want to spread the word so that your company gets the most out of Tableau you’ve got to wear a different hat. Who are you targeting? What is their pain? What value do you provide?

Once you’ve mastered the tricks to becoming a Product Marketing whiz, you will have a stampede of colleagues begging for Tableau and the CEO will be promoting you to Vice President of Marketing.

Join Lee and speakers from companies like Kabel Deutschland, Maersk and Swedbank AB (to name just a few) to learn how they have transformed the way their companies are doing business with Tableau. They’ll all be at the inaugural Tableau European Customer Conference, 9-11 May in Amsterdam. Register now. We’ll see you there.

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