If there's anyone who needs more time, it's teachers. At Aspire Public Schools, which takes a metrics-heavy approach to evaluating student performance, this is especially true. So Aspire used Tableau to cut the time teachers spent on data grunt work and give them time back, time they can spend understanding the data and teaching.

"What we've done with Tableau is support that process for both the short term cycles and the quarterly cycles, allowing teachers to interact with the data in ways that they couldn't before. It helps them spend more time thinking, gaining insights on what they should be doing when they walk in the classroom the next day, as opposed to spending time getting the data," says Lynzi Ziegenhagen, Director of Technology Solutions at Aspire.

Read more of Lynzi's interview and watch the video here.

Learn more about Aspire here.


I had the privilege of advising and working with Lynzi and her team in the past and have also worked with other schools around the world in similar situations. It is truly amazing to see all sorts of teachers, administrators and parents excited about seeing the student and teacher performance data for the first time. This is truly empowering as teachers can actually understand challenges facing their classes –and- individual students and easily compare them against their class, school and region with simple, clear visuals.

Lynzi and her team are truly pioneers working inside the schools and pushing the envelope by empowering all stakeholders involved so they can work together to improve educational achievement and outcomes. Another pioneer in this field, Bob Morrison of Quadrant Arts, has achieved great success advocating on behalf of music and arts education and linking the value of these critical subjects to long-term student retention and achievement. Bob also heavily relies on Tableau to clearly and simply explore and explain the impact of different programs and approaches.

Adding another example, a recent training attendee in our course was head of English at a private school. He was very interested in improving student performance by understanding detailed areas of performance but had been quite frustrated with the regular reports he was sent by the testing organization. Once he learned Tableau, he was able to begin identifying which areas of emphasis were needed by individual students -AND- he could easily share this in parent-teacher conference reviews, which the parents loved and greatly appreciated. All of this by someone never thought of himself as an analyst. This highlights the ability of Tableau to empower subject matter experts and allow them to confidently make better decisions –AND- share their reasons for making these decisions with others.

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