Instant Gains at Oxford University

At Oxford, one of the oldest educational institutions in the western world, the word "instant" is not often used.

Which is why the word stands out when Andy Cotgreave uses it over and over.

"One instant gain from my team's perspective was saving months of work because my team no longer had to get stuck in the quagmire that is creating reports in Excel. So that was an instant hit," says Andy.

Andy, Senior Data Analyst at Oxford University, talks about his experience using Tableau and how it's changed his team's work.

These days, Andy is a Tableau Jedi (an unofficial but fitting designation) and one of the primary contributors to the Tableau Forums.

He also vizes and writes on visualization in his own blog, The Data Studio. Recently one of his visualizations was picked up the in the Guardian Datablog. He's very much worth following if you have an interest in great visualization.

Read Andy's interview or watch the video here.

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