7 New Vizzes - From Libya to San Francisco

From "London Bus Routes" to "Census 2010" - the past month has seen some amazing Tableau Public vizzes.

  • March Madness Comparison Tool - Last chance to make sure your March Madness bracket doesn't have any hidden dogs!

  • Supercharged Bus Map - See the spidery route map of London's buses.

  • The Libyan Revolution - Libyan rebels have taken control of a huge portion of the country, this viz details their success.
  • Where are America's Foster Children? - Steve Wexler looks into the plight of America's foster children.
  • Highest Paid TV Actors - You may be surprised how much some of these actors make, or used to make per episode.
  • President Obama Visits San Francisco - President Obama has dozens of large donors in the Bay Area, take a look at this viz to see who.
  • Census 2010 - The Seattle Times vizzes the 2010 Census... click a city to see detailed stats.

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