"Lightning in a Bottle"

One of the great things about Tableau's annual Customer Conference is that we get a chance to talk face to face with some of our favorite customers. Shawn Spott is Vice President of Marketing Research at RBC Wealth Management, as well as a very smart guy and a perfect gentleman. He sat down with us at this year's conference and talked about how Tableau has changed his business.

In this video Shawn discusses a few specific areas of ROI. "When you're talking about building dashboards, or building dynamic, interactive, queryable reports," said Shawn, "the Tableau toolset – it's robust enough that, out of the box, you can just kind of put the pieces together and make them available to people. So we save an amazing amount of time on development."

He also discusses what steps they took to make their deployment successful. If you're considering a rapid deployment of Tableau Server to diverse groups, take three minutes to listen to Shawn's video. He's got some great insights on how to make it work.

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