Tableau 6.0 Now on the Road!

Today wrapped up the first week of the Tableau 6.0 roadshow. The road was metaphorical this week as we were in our hometown of Seattle and Bellevue. Both shows were full, the Seattle location especially so, and the energy was anything but metaphorical.

We talked with people from Boeing and Alaska Airlines, fitting given the 70 million rows of airline data that Marc sliced in the demo. We talked with the high tech crowd, from G2 to Redfin to Microsoft. We talked to people from Vancouver BC and Portland who had come in for the event. Lots of other locals turned up to see our new stuff (it's good-- it's really, really good), have a drink and say hello.

CEO Christian Chabot started by telling the crowd that "working with data today is like the web before Google:" slow and hard. "There are ways to move 10 to 100 times faster," he said,"by using a new invention: Tableau."

And then, because at Tableau "we make fun of these events where you go and spend the whole time in Powerpoint and never see the product--- we're going to spend the rest of the time in the product." And we did.

Director of Sales Consulting Marc Rueter showed the new features of 6.0, from the Data Engine ("3 questions, 7 million rows, less than 1 second on a commodity laptop. Now THAT's BI!") to the drag-and-drop ease of data blending, combination charts and page history.

We're going to 16 cities this fall. If you haven't signed up yet, do.

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