The US distributes more foreign aid than any other country in the world. Of course, the purpose of this aid can be quite controversial. Use this viz to see the trend in US aid for any country or category for which you have an interest.

The powerful part of this app is that you can select which year and type of aid you want to look at using the filters. You can also click on a country to see a detailed history in the time series’ below. I find it interesting to click through the year slider. After the Marshall plan concluded in the late forties, the vast majority of aid was redirected to the Middle East and Asia where is has stayed.



Super work.

The answer to this question may be a obvious, but is there any way to identify the actual sources (direct links, for example), or add that info to the viz as a note(s)?

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What is going on with the year "76tq" for 237 records for nearly $2 billion in the underlying data?

I see you filtered it out on the map/slider, but you left it as the first mark in the line chart (when slider set to "All"), but more importantly, where did it come from?

Because the size and color ranges of the marks change each year, maybe percent of total would have given you the effect you are looking for. If you want to display the actual amount, and have year to year visually comparable, the size and color gradient ranges should stay consistent. Then you would want to remove "(All)" from the quick filter slider, maybe have a mini-map or something else for the "(All)" view point.

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