One of reasons we developed Tableau Public was to let data geeks answer whatever questions they wanted. So it was great to see Aneez Kanji of the UK roll up his sleeves to find out when Brits tend to have babies. We picked it up straight from his blog and shared it here:

In diving into the data, Aneez (aka "The Kanj") wonders:

Why is it that married couples are conceiving during the summer months, while unmarried couples tend to conceive from November to January. Could their actually be an Xmas Factor at play here?

We're not sure about the answer to that, but in exploring the data I did speculate the the upswing in births in 2002 was correlated to the release of the Austin Powers movie "Goldmember." Just a thought.


For anyone interested, Aneez's original blog post is at The Kanj.

Thanks Clint! My miss, I've added a link to the original post.

Love the bar chart. It captures the essence of visualisation, especially in relation to the unmarried trend from the beginning of the 80's

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