The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene just published their annual list of the most popular baby names in the city; a perfect data set to visualize. This line chart looks at the popularity of 2008's top names over time by race. Jayden is this year’s most popular male name although it was far from the most popular name among White or Asian parents.

The most interesting part of this data set to me is the overall trend away from the most popular names. Parents are increasingly choosing creative or original names for their children. In 1991, the most popular male name was Michael, with almost 1,346 namings. In 2008, Jayden only needed 872 namings to claim the top spot. Of course, there are perennial favorites: Matthew has held steady at about 800 namings for the past 20 years.


I despise all of these names. Why cant people be more original? This blog however, is illuminating as well as clear, organized and enchanting. Excellent!!

what a hurtful thing to say, but I agree the blog is great!

i wonder with what version of tableau were created those buttons in the lower band...i'm looking for those in a dashboard in development

@vic, the version used to create this visualization is very new, extremely powerful and addressed here:

however, the particular matter of the buttons is readily available in the current GA release of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Download the trial, open the example "Wow" workbook and start playing with filters.
Example attached.
If you were on a trial, and it has expired, here is Tableau Reader:

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