Tableau Online Goes House Hunting

In real estate, everyone’s got an opinion, but facts can be hard to come by. That’s why we were happy to partner with one of our favorite local blogs, Seattle Bubble.

The Tim at Seattle Bubble tracks monthly real estate figures and publishes them in the blog. Since Tim tracks many variables for about 20 Seattle-area neighborhoods, Excel charts can be hard to build and analyze. That’s where Tableau Online comes in.

Last month, Tim made his Around the Sound post interactive for the first time. Click in to see it:

And this month, Tim made Months of Supply interactive.

At Tableau we had fun exploring Tim’s data, and we got a great proof point on Tableau Online.

The Peanut Gallery

Seattle Bubble has an extensive and somewhat notorious legion of commenters. So what did they think? 29 comments on first post and 98 comments on the second post covered topics from the state of the market and the new visuals to a little bit of flaming. Pertinent to the new vizes, we heard:

  • "Jazzy new charts Tim! Thanks. Take a while to load but perhaps that’s just me..." Point taken. After this comment in the April post we did a bunch of work on load time.
  • "Tim - Thanks for the new format. Very cool!"
  • "My complaint was that the MOS axis goes to 48, which makes differentiating between 4 MOS of supply and 14 months of supply (or smaller changes) difficult with such a huge scale." This depends on how you author the view. To this comment, we prepared an alternate view.
  • "sexy charts, man."
  • We’ll stop at "sexy charts, man." That’s what we built Tableau Online for.

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