Check out Tableau Software's CEO Christian Chabot waxing poetic on a podcast with Carl Weinschenk from IT-Finance Connection. Carl did a great job of eliciting Christian's deep passion for the visual analytics industry - and in particular his frustration with old-school business intelligence (BI) platforms.

Listen to Tableau's point-of-view on why those old-school BI platforms may just kill your business and why rapid-fire business analytics leveraging data visualization is the better way to not just survive but thrive in this economy. There's also Christian's accompanying article "Not Your Father’s Business Intelligence" if you're not a podcast person.


Christian Chabot mentions the "new young-blood group", I know Tableau is in this group, but what are some of the other companies/products in this group?

For me, the big thing about Tableau is how it lets users "discover new questions to ask, and explore answers to these questions," the only application I know of that fits into Juice Analytics' 5 Phases of Data Analytics Maturation as a phase 5 product, where the older style of business intelegence fits into phase 4.


What fun to listen to Christian again. Quite an exchange with Carl. Most clients to whom we have introduced Tableau in the past year have significant investments in the old-school platforms as well as traditional analytics environments like Excel or Access. Yet, they can't turn their heads away from Tableau for all the reasons Christian cites.

Joe, I had the same reaction to the Juice Analytics article -- thanks for throwing down the challenge, in a way. Again, we have found that clients are almost incredulous when they hear that an BI / analytics tool exists that is designed to set them free to explore and get answers in real time -- what a concept!

Peace and All Good!
Michael W Cristiani

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