Live from the Teradata Partners Conference

Tableau is exhibiting at this year's Teradata Partners Conference. The booth has been "under siege" by attendees and we've had a hard time keeping up with demonstrations, information requests, etc. As this is our first Partners conference, two things are very apparent: 1) Teradata customers are fanatical about Teradata. I mean this in a positive way, of course. It's impressive to witness this level of enthusiasm in our industry; 2) There is a massive pent-up demand for visual analytics around the Teradata EDW.

Tableau has also been demonstrated in the Teradata kiosk that is focused on v13 features and functions. The demo uses 20 years of FAA data that is stored in a Teradata EDW. Tableau is able to employ the Teradata geo-spatial UDFs so that "where" questions can be easily asked. The results are placed on the maps that are automatically generated in the application. There have been many positive comments about the utility of Tableau's mapping capabilities -- especially around the ease of use.

In addition to all the terrific technology partnering at the conference, Lance Armstrong gave a compelling keynote yesterday morning. He shared his ordeal with cancer and described how he used it to re-focus his life and his career. The message was a real inspiration. There was also a little "French ribbing" which got some laughs...

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