Two main things really struck me from this morning's events at the customer conference.

First, it was great to hear Christian Chabot (the CEO) talk about Tableau 4.0. As part of the Engineering team, I can tell you we've been heads-down on this release for a long time, trying to get the details right. Christian always has a great perspective on the things we build, but it was particularly nice to get a larger perspective on the 4.0 release, which we're all very proud of.
Tonight I think I'll be dreaming about maps following me like ducks. :)
The other thing that struck me was the high caliber of the questions that have been asked by customers. Sometimes it has given us a platform to show off some advanced features -- such as the "compound rate" checkbox that came up in Ross's calculations talk. Sometimes, to be honest, we don't have a good answer -- but that gives us a platform to consider improvements to Tableau products. Rest assured that we are listening closely for ways to make Tableau better.

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