Welcome to the first-ever Tableau Customer Conference! Whether you are joining us in person or following this event remotely, follow our blog posts as Tableau employees liveblog this exciting event across a variety of social networks.

Several Tableau employees will liveblog on their favorite social networks, ranging from LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter and Flickr. Search for the Social Media Tag #TableauConf08 (Twitter, Ustream.tv, YouTube and Flickr), or follow the links below:
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While you are visiting these groups feel free to link, join, friend or subscribe to keep up to date. And if you're sharing your experiences from the conference, be sure to include the Social Media Tag #TableauConf08.


Are you planning to record the conference sessions and make them available as Podcasts?

Ian W.

Hi Ian,
You can find two keynotes and one session online already as posted here. Stay tuned as we make more sessions available.

Unfortunately, the streaming from the video site is very choppy here and subject to resets (I haven't yet got past the Tableau V4 new features demo when it goes from State level to zip code level maps - it jumps back to the start at that point - less than 14 minutes in).

Any chance of putting it in a form we can download and play back locally?

The sessions are very impressive btw. I'm starting to wonder if the mapping recognises UK county names, postcodes etc - or how to get the long/lat data in to enable this capability...

Ian W.

FWIW, I also have difficulty hearing Stephen Few... I guess I should have been in Seattle :-}

Ian W.

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