We aspire to make all things Tableau as easy as possible – and getting new 6 should not be any different.

Here’s how to smoothly make the transition:

Open a browser window and go to http://myaccount.tableau.com. Log in – you should instantly see a link to “My Downloads”, where you can find the 6.0 download.

If you don’t see “My Downloads”, click the "Account" link in the upper right corner.

Download and install 6 - let the magic begin!

For more detailed Download Help information, go to www.tableau.com/dlhelp.

Of course, non-customers and people without administrator access can also access the same download file from our trial page.


Can you use the Reader 5 to open dashboards created with Tableau 6?

No Frederic, Reader 5 does not know how to interpret all the new features and changes in 6.