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Google Cloud SQL is a fast, affordable, low-overhead database that can make it easier to store and manage your data. Google Cloud SQL is an optimal platform for organizations with large amounts of data, and Tableau's direct connector ensures that you can find insight and share findings at the speed of thought.

Tableau natively connects to Google Cloud SQL. Simply download Tableau Desktop to get started, click on the Google Cloud SQL connector, and fill out the connection information. Your tables will be available instantly in Tableau to join, analyze and even blend with other datasources.

Since Tableau also connects to data in Google Big Query and Google Analytics, you can take advantage of the entire Google Cloud ecosystem with one tool. Take a look at the video below to see the Google Cloud SQL connector in action.

Connect to Google Cloud SQL

In this video, Tableau's Evan Jones will demonstrate the process for connecting to data in Google Cloud SQL with Tableau's direct connector.

If you don't have it yet, remember to download Tableau Desktop to follow along.

Customer Story

Tableau can help any organization get the most out of their data in the Google cloud. In this video, Abhi Beniwal and Giovanni DeMeo from Interactions Marketing discuss how they are using Tableau Online to help customers see and understand their Google data.

Sample Visualization

Developed by Tableau partner, Slalom, this dashboard shows you the detailed interactive visualizations you can create with Tableau Desktop and publish to Tableau Server.

Medicare cost has been at the center of American political debate for decades. But how exactly are the billions of dollars spent every year—and where? Interact with this visualization to find answers.

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Google Cloud SQL

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I can quantify the impact in terms of people putting more data into Google Cloud Platform. The reason they put more data is because they're able to get value out of that data using tools from Tableau.

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