Tableau + AWS

Next Generation Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Cloud analytics at the speed of thought

With Tableau and AWS, any organization can implement Next Generation Business Intelligence. By leveraging the power and scale of the AWS cloud in combination with the accessibility and ease of use of Tableau, you can have enterprise class analytics with drag-and-drop simplicity.

The animation at the right shows just how easy it is to connect to any Amazon database with Tableau and start visualizing data with Tableau Desktop. Tableau Server can allow anyone to publish and share those visualizations through a browser. Conveniently, Tableau Server can also be hosted on AWS.

Next Generation Business Intelligence

Together, AWS and Tableau can allow you to create a complete business intelligence implementation in the cloud. Every step in the analytics journey, from data collection to transformation, storage and analysis, can be performed with Amazon and Tableau products on an enterprise scale.

Perhaps more importantly, both Amazon and Tableau are defined by their ease of use. Most Amazon products take just minutes to spin up. With Tableau, you can connect to any Amazon database with a couple of clicks, and analyze data immediately. Sharing findings through Tableau Server only requires a browser.

云数据让 Aeria Games 更精明、更迅速地行动。

Aeria Games has terabytes of data available to guide decisions in an ever-changing market. In this video, business intelligence manager Kirill Andriychuk tells how Tableau Online and Amazon Redshift allow him to “connect people directly with the data.” Learn more about connecting to Redshift with Tableau Desktop to create visualizations.

Host your Tableau Server on AWS

With Tableau Server in the AWS Marketplace, you can empower your organization with live interactive dashboards without needing to purchase or administer your own servers. Watch this quick video to learn how to set up your own Tableau Server on AWS in minutes. Or, get your own 14 day free trial on AWS.

EMR + Tableau

Amazon EMR lets people and organizations process vast amounts of data in the cloud in a way that is quick and cost-effective. With the Amazon EMR connector in Tableau, these clusters can be queried directly through Hive or Impala bringing the power of interactive visual analytics to massive cloud data assets. Learn more about EMR and Tableau

Tableau 可能是我们用过的最简便的工具,因为它能在短短 14 天后,就带来投资回报。

Learn more about Tableau and AWS

Use the resources below to learn more about how you can use the power of Tableau and Amazon together, and remember to download Tableau Desktop so you can get started connecting to your Amazon databases.