Tableau 8

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More than 90 new features enable people to do more with data than they ever could before. And it's all fast—really fast.

Tableau 8 brings a new age of data:

  • Any Data
    Connect to cloud data sources Google Analytics, and Google BigQuery, and to new big data sources
  • Visual Analytics
    Ask deeper questions of your data with new view types, improved groups and sets, forecasting and much more
  • Web & Mobile Authoring
    Add data, edit views and do advanced analytics right in a browser or on a tablet
  • Fast
    Get analytics at the speed of thought with a new rendering engine and rendering right inside a browser
  • Business Integration
    Integrate Tableau more deeply into your existing systems with a new JavaScript API and the ability to subscribe to views
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When we took the first dashboard done in Tableau to the first meeting with the executives, some were so surprised, that the reaction was mostly silence. One of the executives said, 'I always asked for that in the BI area and finally they managed to do it.'

Raphael Stein
Director of Business Intelligence
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