Survey Analysis

Surveys are an important link between business and consumer, but it can be difficult to perform survey analysis efficiently. Avoid wasting time with cumbersome analytics tools and endless queues. With Tableau Desktop, you can perform your survey analysis in real time and share with colleagues on Tableau Server.

  • Create interactive dashboards from multi-response surveys
  • Analyze survey data with segment and profile analysis to learn more about your market
  • Group and re-alias dirty survey data into digestible cross-tabs
Customer Satisfaction
Find trends in customer survey data

You have to understand your customers' experience before you can prevent customer service problems.

With this dashboard, the user can select an industry to see how different factors affect overall satisfaction, which is displayed in aggregate by the trend lines on the scatter plots. Demographics data is displayed below the scatter plots.

Use the filter at the top of the visualization to examine satisfaction by respondent’s job function and industry.

Segment Analysis
Segment analysis in Tableau
Don’t miss your market, explore it

Finding the customer can be half the battle. With Tableau, you can analyze survey data with ease and stop wasting time wrestling with your data.

With this visualization, users can choose the book type that they want to examine and view the age and income distribution below. For instance, by selecting “Children’s”, we can see that there is a large number of respondents over age 66 (and with more than $750k in assets) who purchase children’s books.

Maybe the real money in children’s books is with grandparents, not parents.

Make one report instead of twenty

Profile analysis can be complex, with dozens of relevant facets and scores of possible reports. This dashboard was made using a survey on news sources that can be divided into dozens of segments.

Using the “Select a Category” filter, users can choose the segment they wish to analyze, and then view the population by each sub-set of that category.

Don’t waste time creating dozens of reports that address every possible permutation and profile; create one interactive dashboard that can serve multiple needs.