Teradata Reporting and Analysis

Teradata powers some of the biggest data warehouses in the world. The agility you have as a Teradata customer gives you a competitive edge. Tableau partners with Teradata to extend this agility with visual analysis. By revealing patterns, outliers and insights, Tableau helps you find more in your data and get more value from it. Tableau provides:

  • Live, optimized connection to Teradata so you can leverage the investment you’ve already made in fast data
  • The ability to analyze truly big data at interactive speeds
  • Support for Teradata’s security model
  • Drag & drop ease and visual analysis best practices
  • Interactive Teradata reporting for your entire company
Live Connect
Optimized, live connection to Teradata maximizes investment

You invest in Teradata to get all the benefits they offer for world class data warehousing and analytic solutions. So why should you have to take an extract of that data and move it to another system for your visual analysis and reporting?

You shouldn’t.

Tableau has an optimized direct connection for Teradata. This optimization recognizes key aspects of Teradata you value most – things like performance, query processing, analytical functions, authentication and query banding. As a result, no new data silos are created and large data tables perform exceptionally well. And you can embed dashboards in web pages for corporate portals, wiki’s etc. with security controlled by Teradata.

Visual Analytics
Visual analysis uncovers data that drives better decisions

It’s hard to see trends in rows and columns of data. It’s impossible when that data is huge. You need a solution that can help you understand the data you spend so much money collecting. Until business people can ask and answer questions of the data in your Teradata database, it’s an underutilized asset. Using Tableau with Teradata lets you do just that—in an intuitive, visual way.

This dashboard shows the power of visualizing complex analysis on millions of records at once. Quickly select the industry that interests you and then click on any point in the diagram to drill down into that piece of data. Teradata data mining is now just a click away.

Self-service Analysis
Empower business users to own Teradata data mining and analysis

Tableau lets the people who know the data the best – the business owners – to do their own data exploration. With drag & drop, point & click ease to build charts, reports and dashboards, Tableau gets individuals throughout an organization connected directly to their data.

Teradata customers using Tableau for visual analytics can analyze their data with lightning-fast queries on massive amounts of data. With this ability to ask – and answer – questions at the speed-of-thought, the power of data comes to life in a fundamentally more powerful way.

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