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With so much data in organizations today, everyone from top executives to business people on the front lines are looking for ways to make smarter decisions, quickly. Business intelligence implementations are typically complicated, heavy, expensive, and slow. You can spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours but never attain the promise of intelligence through data. Luckily there is another way.

A recent wave of innovation in database and data visualization technology is breathing new life into business intelligence. It’s helping companies in the Pharma space as well as other industries deal with growing amounts of data and the need to give more people faster access to make smarter decisions.

Join us for this webinar featuring the Encima Group. You'll see how Pharma companies are:

  • Addressing critical information gaps around marketing and professional education programs
  • Developing dashboards that quickly get information into the hands of people who need it
  • Implementing analytics solutions with minimal IT involvement

The Encima Group is a leading marketing services solutions firm working with many top Pharma companies to optimize marketing effectiveness, analytics, and strategy.

Featured speakers: 

Phil Daniels

VP Business Intellisgence

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