Upgrade Tableau to work
with your private data

Have data you don’t want shared
with the public? Take a look at
Tableau’s other products.

What kind of upgrade is available?

Tableau Public is a free online product from Tableau Software. You can upgrade at any time to Tableau’s other products. They contain all of the functionality of Tableau Public, plus more.

Tableau Desktop

Fast analytics, visualization and dashboards Learn More About Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop lets you graphically analyze data to produce beautiful visualizations, dashboards and reports in minutes. The Personal and Professional Editions of Tableau Desktop have all of the functionality of the free Public Edition, plus:

  • Private Use
    Save and share your work locally and privately.
  • Data Scalability
    No limit on the size of data you can work with.
  • Data Compatibility
    Work with data stored in databases, not just in files (Professional Edition only).
  • Server Compatibility
    Publish results to a Tableau Server, not just to the Tableau Public website (Professional Edition only).
  • See Tableau Desktop Feature Comparison for more detail.

Tableau Server

Rapid-fire business intelligence on the web Learn More About Tableau Server

Tableau Server is a web-based business intelligence platform that provides analytics anyone can learn and use. It’s similar to the web experience of Tableau Public, but with major additions:

  • Privacy
    Tableau Server enables private web-based analytics for anyone in your organization. You can also embed results on the public web.
  • Security
    Control access and usage of everything in the system.
  • Scalability
    No limit on the size of data you can work with. Scale to massive user communities.
  • Integration
    Integrate with other business systems like SharePoint and web portals.
  • Enterprise Functionality
    Scheduled reports, data management, personalization, collaboration, and other enterprise business intelligence features.

Tableau Public Premium

A hosted platform for publishing data on the public web

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The Premium version of Tableau Public is for organizations that want to differentiate themselves by publishing interactive data. Premium features include:

  • Private Data
    Tableau Public Premium lets you turn off the download of data for any visualization that you publish to the web.
  • Internet-Scale Performance
    Your visualizations will be served from our servers, hosted in the cloud. You'll get broad reach without an infrastructure headache.
  • More Data Sources
    Use Tableau Desktop to work with data stored in databases, not just Excel and flat files.
  • Custom Limits
    You can publish larger data sets and have a higher total account limit with Tableau Public Premium.