Win a trip to San Diego and a chance at $2,000 & an iPad2

Do you love sports? This contest is for you! The Tableau Software Interactive Sports "Viz" Contest will focus on sports data of any kind. With the Olympics coming up, we're sure many people will choose to visualize data on the Summer Games. This is open to any kind of sports data though: Baseball, football, fishing... cricket? All you have to do is find something related to sports, then use Tableau Public to analyze and visualize it.

Need some Inspiration?

Sometimes the hardest part about making a viz is knowing where to start. This viz shows the Winter Olympic medal count by country and event. Click a country in the top view to see their performance over time. Still stumped? Take a look at these sites to see if you can find an interesting dataset:

A 3-day trip to San Diego and a chance to win $2,000 & an iPad

The winner chosen by our judges will also take away a free roundtrip ticket to attend the 2012 Tableau Customer Conference. This includes a 3 night stay in San Diego and a chance to compete in the Iron Viz championship with the winners of our two other contests. The winner of Iron Viz will take away a new iPad, and $2,000.

Cash for the Crowd Favorite

The contest is just beginning when you submit your viz! Tweet, Facebook and email the page it is on to everyone you can, because whoever has the highest page views at the end of the contest will become our Crowd Favorite and receive a $500 gift card of their choice. You can view your progress in the bottom left hand corner of your visualization, below the share button (it will need to be embedded on a blog or website). As you might have guessed, those who get their vizes in earlier will have a much better chance at winning the Crowd Favorite!

Who can enter?

This contest is open to any adult in the US, UK, France and Germany. Don't live in one of those countries? We haven't forgotten you! We are expanding to other countries for our other contests this year, but the legal requirements take time to compile. In the meantime, our apologies!

How it works

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  • Step 1

    Download the FREE Tableau Public tool
    (If you already have Tableau Public go to STEP 2)

    Anyone can do it. With Tableau Public’s free online tool you can create interactive graphs, dashboards, maps and tables from virtually any data and embed them on your website or blog.

    Get Tableau Public
    Microsoft® Windows® Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003, 2000, Windows 7 and virtualized environments when they are configured with the proper underlying Windows operating system.
  • Step 2

    Create and publish your “viz” to your blog or website

    Use any sports data to create a viz so engaging and smart that you rock our panel of blogging and viz experts. We have some resources to help you out.

  • Step 3

    Submit your entry form

    Fill out the entry form and submit by June 29, 2012. A panel of judges will evaluate all submissions based on overall appeal, design elements, and data analysis/findings.