How it works

See how to create interactive visualizations and publish them to the web.

Tableau Public is a free tool that brings data to life. Easy to use. Spectacularly powerful. Data In. Brilliance Out.

Ready to start visualizing your data? Download Tableau Public then visit our Training page for resources to help you get started.

Who uses Tableau Public?

Tableau Public is for anyone who likes to post content to the web. It’s a tremendous advancement for online publishers.

  • Bloggers
    Kelly Martin at Viz Candy is starting conversations about the US Economic Crisis.
  • Journalists
    Yanina Ronconi at La Nacion tells the story of Lionel Messi’s soccer goals in 2012.
  • Researchers
    Johan Mistiaen at the World Bank provides information about poverty around the world.
  • Advocates
    Ilan Moss at Syrian Refugees gives insight on EU donations and aid to Syria.
  • Professors and Students
    Libby Sander at the Chronicle of Higher Education brings attention to how much Americans value higher education.
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