Sample Data Sets

There's so much data out there, sometimes it's tough to know where to start. We've compiled three interesting data sets for you to get started with, and some simple questions to try to answer. You'll also find a viz for each sample data set that you can download to help answer the questions and further explore. Click the ‘download’ link in the bottom right-hand corner of any viz to download the workbook.

Medals Won by Olympic Athletes

This sample data set has medals and athletes from each Olympic Games since the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia.

Get the data here: OlympicAthletes.xlsx (source: Sports Reference)

Some analysis ideas:

  • How many medals have athletes won since the 2000 Games?
  • How have the number of gold medals changed over time?
  • Which countries have won the most number of medals in swimming?

We've made small formatting changes to the data set for clarity.(e.g. SWI > Swimming)

World Bank Data Indicators

This sample data set has 18 indicators from the World Bank on life, health and business between 2000 and 2010.

Get the data here: World Bank Indicators.xlsx (source: The World Bank)

Some analysis ideas:

  • Which countries have the highest urban population?
  • Where has Internet usage grown the most in the past decade?
  • Are there correlations between GDP and Health? Transit and Mobile Phone Usage?

We've selected only 18 indicators for this data set. The World Bank has many more on their site.

Airplane Bird Strikes

This data set example has reported records of US flights between 2000-2011 that have been struck by a bird while in flight.

Get the data here: Bird Strikes.xlsx (source: FAA Wildlife Strike Database)

Some analysis ideas:

  • What is the overall trend in reported bird strikes? Why do you think the trend exists?
  • Which departure airport has the highest number of bird strikes?
  • What has been the monetary cost of bird strikes?

We've removed a few parts of the data set to reduce its size, which are available at the FAA's website. (e.g. Airport Code)

Looking for more interesting data sets?

We don't want to clip your wings - if you cannot find anything that catches your eye above then you will undoubtedly find some interesting data sets in the viz below. Just click a bar to go to the source!