United States of Bank Failures

The banking industry was one of the biggest to collapse following the financial crisis. Bank failures skyrocketed, with fresh data showing failures peaked last year and have begun to fall, though clearly tough times are still ahead. The state of Georgia earns bragging rights for the most bank failures in the past couple of years, but the failure of Washington Mutual in Washington state dwarfs all others in terms of asset size. Interestingly, very few banks in the Northeast failed at all—perhaps something the industry should look into.

Click a circle in the map to see details about the bank failures in that state.

Here is the workbook, if you would like to give it a try.


Hi Chris, To recreate the map in this workbook, you should only need the State field in Level of Detail and then Number of Records on the Size shelf. The geographic role for State should be set to "State/Province". If you are using Tableau Public 7.0, there shouldn't be any messages. If you have still have questions, you can contact me at lwilliams [at] tableausoftware [dot] com. -Lori

Hi There,

I'm trying to create a map view almost identical to that above but seem to get the same error each time. I get a message to say that one of my locations is unknown so it is displayed at latitude/longitude (0,0).

I have tried using City Name, Zip Code and State Code as the "Level of Detail" in the view but they all produce the same error. I have also made sure each has the correct geographical role and is in the correct format.

Any help would be much appreciated!