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6 BIG Feature Areas

Tableau 6.0 is going to knock your socks off – it’s filled with new capabilities that are going to change the way you visualize and understand your data. Filled with hundreds of features and improvements, Tableau 6.0 has 6 big highlights:

  • Big, Fast Data
    Interactively analyze millions of rows of data with near instant query times. The new technology is up to 100x faster and creates up to 10x smaller extract files in half the time of previous releases.
  • Data Integration
    Combine data from different data connections into a single visualization. For example, combine data from an Oracle database with an Excel spreadsheet. Calculations can be created that use fields from any of the blended data.
  • Jaw-dropping Visual Analytics
    Create a single visualization that uses different mark types – layer data from one database on top of another. In addition, add formula and variable flexibility with the new parameters capability - substitution values you can use in any calculation.
  • Rich Calculations
    New ways of creating calculations mean you can create “second-pass functions” that operate on the post-aggregated data displayed in the view. For example, you can index a row of a report to the overall total.
  • Tableau Server Manageability
    Manage huge groups of Server users easily. Give people who manage content specialized capabilities with a new role: content administrator.
  • Overall Performance
    Visualizations load and perform faster. Publishing is faster. Overall load time on Server is faster.

Want to learn more? We’ll be in 16 cities with a Tableau 6.0 roadshow. Look for an email invitation over the next few weeks. And check out the podcast describing major new functionality from Andrew Beers, VP Product Development.

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