What Does Data Mean to You? Tell Us in Two Words!

By Marissa Michelotti 18 Out, 2016

We all love data—but what does it mean to you? I don’t mean the insights; I mean the word “data” itself.

I myself spend my days knee-deep in social media data, website data, and, lately, election data, and I love it. And to me, data is powerful, game-changing, meaningful.

I know you, fellow data lover, know what I’m talking about. Whatever your KPI or fancy, we all believe in the power of data and the impact it can have on our work and our lives. After all, we, you and I, are data people.

So how do you define data? When you hear data, what two words come to mind?

Take just one minute to share your two words. Don’t worry, there isn’t a right or wrong answer—data means many things to many people. So tell us your two-word definition of data. Then click on the other tab to see what other people are saying.


Submitted by Ann S (não verificado) on

You're going to build a visualization based on this, with the nifty Google sheets connector, aren't you?

Submitted by Chris McClellan (não verificado) on

Google Sheets/Tableau one of the best new features :) The only thing missing is the "instant update"

Submitted by Christopher Hayes (não verificado) on

Bodacious Opportunities

Submitted by Marvin Matey (não verificado) on

Opinion Validation

Submitted by Lucas Parreiras (não verificado) on

open knowledge

Submitted by Praveen Dsa (não verificado) on

Strategy, business

Submitted by Frances Zhou (não verificado) on

Useful resources

Submitted by Tony Speakman (não verificado) on

Not Excel

Submitted by Qudsia (não verificado) on

Knowledge and Power!

Submitted by Guest (não verificado) on

Life saver

Submitted by duane p. on

"show me"

Submitted by rashi (não verificado) on

Empower you