Supercharged Road Trip Photo Album

By Ross Perez 27 Jul, 2010

After taking a road trip, most people are less than eager to develop their photos (or download them). A select few may download them and post them to their blog or flickr. But only Dave Ward has used Tableau Public to create an interactive "see what I saw when I was here" app. Click into the image below to link out to the live viz.


How'd he do that- Photo album

This is not as hard as it is awesome. First, Dave created a webpage for each day of his roadtrip with the images and text he wanted to show for each one. Most importantly, he edited their urls to follow a predictable pattern. In other words, the page with photos of Day 1 is That way, he could write the hyperlink action as, so it updates with each click. This makes me want to take a road trip.


Submitted by Mark C. on

Way cool, Dave!

Submitted by Dan Supinski (não verificado) on

It was pretty cool to watch Dave as he progressed during his road trip. Talk about a unique approach to keeping friends and family up to date on his progress. Glad to see Tableau showcase his handy work.

Submitted by Mary Behning (não verificado) on

Awesome coverage of your wonderful Pacific to Atlantic venture! Congratulations!

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Submitted by Moni (não verificado) on

this is pretty awesome! im gonna have to try to create something like this =)

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