Partner MDF Eligible Activities

Eligible Awareness & Demand Generation Activities

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TABLEAU CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Printing of a case study that details a customer’s positive experience with Tableau. Must include the benefit customer received and the customer’s endorsement of Tableau. Development and writing of case studies is offered free of charge by Tableau, please contact your Channel Manager for more information.

ADVERTISING/CATALOGSPONSORSHIP/BANNERS: Promotional activities that involve advertisements in magazines, catalogs, newspapers, journals, online banner advertising and promotions, media broadcasts on radio and TV networks, videos, inserts and flyers in publications. Must include Tableau mention and/or logo and call to action and not conflict with existing Tableau activity.

LITERATURE/COLLATERAL: Any type of tool that will aid in the understanding and selling of Tableau products to end-users. This can include brochures, product guides, data sheets, white papers, and training presentations.

CUSTOMER/PARTNER EVENT: Tableau product focused relationship building event done to stimulate Tableau demand generation or close Tableau business. The event must be attended by a Tableau employee. A speaking opportunity is required.

WEBINAR: Customer/prospect seminar/webinar hosted and driven by the Reseller focused on Tableau and/or joint solutions with Technology Alliance partners.

TRADESHOWS: Participation in tradeshow events sponsored by a 3rd party, industry set, or partner to promote Tableau and the sale of Tableau products.

Ineligible Activities

  • "AFTER THE FACT" ACTIVITIES: All campaign activities must be mutually agreed upon and approved prior to execution commencement
  • MEALS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Meals and entertainment will not be reimbursed with MDF if not fully tax deductible
  • CONSULTING EXPENSES: Expenses incurred by partner sales engineers or partner consultants are not covered unless approved as a Funded Head resource
  • INFRASTRUCTURE/EQUIPMENT: MDF cannot be used for the purchase of infrastructure equipment or software unless its sole purpose is to demonstrate Tableau solutions to end user customers or
  • prospects.
  • OPERATINGEXPENSES/FACILITIES: MDF cannot be used to cover a Reseller’s day-to-day operating expenses and/or cost of facilities.
  • PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT: MDF cannot be used for development of internal/external systems or platforms.