The Role and Benefits of In-Memory Computing for BI Analytics

There is considerable buzz in the IT industry about in-memory technologies. At the same time, there is considerable confusion about the role and benefits of these technologies in business intelligence processing and performance. A major reason for this confusion is that in-memory computing means different things to different people. This technology can be used at a client or a server level and may be used by an analytic server or a database management system. It could involve data caching, in-memory databases, or in-memory analytic processing. Adding to the confusion is how these technologies relate to in-database processing. This Webinar will alleviate this confusion by explaining the different types of in-memory technologies and how they aid the performance of BI analytical processing.

You will learn:

  • The different types of in-memory technologies and their strengths and weaknesses
  • The relationship between in-memory computing and in-database processing
  • The benefits of in-memory computing to BI

Featured speakers: 

Colin White

Founder of BI Research and President of DataBase Associates Inc.

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