Partner Enablement Training: Web Series

It isn't always easy to step out of the office for three full days of training in our in-person Partner Enablement Training. That is why we have created a live web series, to better accommodate your schedule. Join us for the a week-long online version of the Tableau Partner Enablement Training, starting Monday, May 12th through Friday, May 16th. Over the course of the week, eahc morning from 8am PT - 10am PT will cover different parts of the core content of the in-person training but via a live webinar.

Over the course of this workshop we'll show you how Tableau approaches the sales side of our business, and how to work with Tableau Desktop & Tableau Server.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions along the way. Be vocal – this is a great opportunity to learn from our skilled instructors, who are in the field everyday working with customers and partners.

Day 1: Introduction to Tableau and Tableau Desktop
Today you will learn about the story of Tableau, where we came from and what we stand for. You will also get a glimpse into our ever-growing customer base, and learn about our product offering. In the second hour of the session, you will get familiar with Tableau Desktop, and start the journey of data discovery and visualization.

Day 2: Desktop Part 1
We will explore various types of visualizations. Not only we will talk about how to build, but why make some of the choices you make in displaying data. Every choice you make guides the end users’ conclusion drawn from the views.

Day 3: Desktop Part 2
Now we have a series of visualizations, it is time to put them all together. We will spend the third day of the webinar series discussing how to build dashboards and how to make them visually pleasing and effective. We will also talk about more advanced features of Tableau Desktop like table calculation.

Day 4: Server Part 1
In this session, we will take a tour of Tableau Server, and see how end users and administrators interact with Server. We will take a look under the hood and see the architecture of Tableau Server. The second half of the session will be focused on how Tableau Server scale to enterprise environment and how to architecture for a highly available system.

Day 5: Server Part 2
Security is on everybody’s mind. This session will provide an in-depth look into authentication, how Tableau can integrate with your existing security management and Tableau’s own security model. System admins will also get a look into Tableau’s command line utilities for Server.

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